My Projects

My projects

MUSIC WITH STYLE (2019) - collaboration with designer Jelena Bin Drai

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“Music with Style announces Sanja’s collaboration with fashion designer Jelena Bin Drai. Sanja will wear Jelena Bin Drai dresses during all of her concert activities.

Idea of the project is to connect auditive and sound impression of the musical piece performed with its visual aspect that matches its musical idea. Sanja found that inspiration in Jelena’s sophisticated dresses, whose style matches her personality and vision of the artistic music. Because Art is in every segment of our life.”


OBOA FEST (2018, 2019)- Oboe masterclasses, Instrument Exhibitions and Workshops

“Oboa fest is festival that celebrates and promotes oboe as deficitary instrument in Serbia. It is unique for all the Balkan region. Our aim is to establish good oboe music school with tradition, based on the highest level music education. It offers specialized oboe masterclasses of the world and domestic most renowned oboe soloists and teachers. We organize instrument exhibitions of the best world known oboe maker factories, organize educational workshops and different concert activities that involve oboe.”  https://www.facebook.com/oboafest/

PLAYING WITH EASE (2016) - Coaching and Techniques of Psychophysical Support for Musicians

Playing with Ease

“Playing with Ease” is extended music education concept that supports students to reach their full potential, apply their own abilities in the best possible way, and freely express their musical selves, focusing on health care for musicians who are often exposed to physical injuries and discomforts.

My goal is to help you develop your maximal potential as instrument player, understand and master process hidden behind the public performance, health care for musicians using techniques and methods of mental preparation with body techniques that help you achieve ease and full potential during the performance. Decide, enjou and Play with Ease during your professional musician’s path!”

“More info on masterclasses and lectures you can fin here”

"Melodies of Nations" (2015-2017) - International concert series and CD recording project

Melodies of Nations

Melodies of Nations is a project that celebrates the universal language of music and its cohesion with other branches of the arts, being under the inspiration of painting, poetry, tradition and personal lives of the artists who participate in it. It commemorates the 650th anniversary of the town of Novo Mesto in Slovenia, it promotes the wealth of cultural and international dialogue. Initially it brought three countries in focus: Serbia, Slovenia and Ireland, promoting their performers and composers through their musical culture. The original idea has been broadened, and new composers from different countries have been involved representing different countries and their rich cultures. The highlights of the CD are the pieces commissioned from the British composer Nimrod Borenstein and Russian-Canadian composer Airat Ichmouratov for this particular occasion. All the pieces are presented in the unique way with deep and profound gift for music of both artists, whose music speaks louder than words.

Sanja Romic- oboe / Fionnualla Moynihan- piano
Labels: Hedone Records London & Metropolis Music Belgrade

Peter and the Wolf Adventures (adaptation for a wind quintet and an animated movie)

Project for Children (2014)

»Peter and the Wolf« is an orchestral narrated story by a Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev whose aim is to educate children's musical taste from the very early age (4+).  In order to adapt to the economic situation in our culture, we decided to create a reduced version of the story, arranged for the wind quintet. Next to the originally included narrator, the story is followed by a 3D animated movie and presents an original approach. A conductor is present to synchronise the process. The author of the movie is Logan Susnick (USA), a prominent editor and visual artist with vast experience gained through collaborations in various productions both in Europe and America. Movie is created especially for this project. Performance starts with a presentation of each instrument and is followed by the story told by the narrator and visualised in the animated movie. This kind of a multimedia arrangement is economical, mobile, and in all aspects covers the idea and effects of the orchestral form. It is a unique media work that fulfills its educational purpose and follows media trends of the modern education.

The project was produced as a collaboration of the Culturale society Kvintart, wind quintet Quintologia, and Magnificanto Institute from Ljubljana.

Wind quintet Quintologia (Slovenia)
Narrator: Rok Kunaver (Slovenia)
Author of the animated movie – Logan Susnick (USA)
Conductor – M.Mus. Jelena Susnick (SRB/SLO)

Oboe & Tamboura Orchestra (2014)

Oboe & Tamboura Orchestra (2014)

Idea and the aim of this project is promotion and unifiing classical instrument- oboe with a tamboura, traditional instrument typical for the Balkan region. Tamboura appears in the music of the northern Serbian region Vojvodina, its northern neighbour Hungary (that used to be a pat of Austro-Hungarian empire), Romania (part that used to belong to Hungary), Croatia and eastern Slovenia. In this way we are spreading classical culture to the wider population of audience and introduce artistic music with a new sound.

Evening with Wind Quintet Quintologia (2013) 

Welcome to the world of Classical Music- educational project

With the aim of promoting classical music, getting it closer to the wider audience and helping people learn more about it in order to understand it better, we have initiated a different series of concerts at the Cultural center of Novo Mesto.

The »Art cafe« concept is an idea of a place with a relaxed atmosphere where people can hear professional music performances while enjoying a glass of wine, being in direct contact and interacting with the artists on stage. With this concept, we are keeping the listeners' attention, integrating them into the program, giving them an opportunity to ask what they are curious about or what they do not understand in the world of classical music. We try to show that classical music is not reserved for special people and special occasions. It is a part of everyday life and it finds its inspiration in it. Historically, we can hear it in our favorite movies, cartoons, and it was an inspiration for other musical genres. Therefore, it is a part of us. Understanding comes from knowledge, and this is we try to create a comfortable atmosphere for it.

Because we believe that the best education foundation is set in early childhood, we have organized a free concert, a workshop for the children of the DRPD Institute. This is an organization that helps integrate children of immigrants into new social surroundings. This way we are showing that music is a universal language that provides an opportunity to express one's personality wherever they are.

Musical Postcard (2012)

International concert series connecting Serbian, Irish and Slovenian musical cultures

»Musical Postcard« is a project that connects musical cultures of three countries: Ireland, Slovenia, and Serbia. It promotes their performers and composers, as well as all institutions that have supported the project. In the cycle of classical music recitals, Sanja Romic and Fionnuala Moynihan performed new and old pieces of the classical repertoire for oboe and piano. Composers representing each country were Diarmaid Moynihan (Ireland), Nejc Bečan (Slovenia), and Ante Grgin (Serbia), whose works were premiered.
The project started with a concert in Dublin, Ireland in May of 2012 and continued with concerts in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, and Belgrade, Serbia in September 2012.
The educational character of the project was reflected in the masterclass that Sanja Romic held for the oboe students at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. As a part of the September concerts, Fionnuala Moynihan had a lecture on the life and work of John Field, a famous Irish pianist and composer.
Within the cycle, we helped raise money for a new instrument for a student who had no financial means to buy one.
Kind supporters and sponsors of the project were: Cultural Centre Janez Trdina Novo Mesto; The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra; The Irish Embassy in Ljubljana; Culture Ireland; The Novo Mesto Municipality; Krka, Novo Mesto; Fructal juices; the winery Jeruzalem Ormož. The Music school Marjana Kozine, Novo Mesto and the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin were partners of the educational aspect of the project.