Melodies of Nations – 2017 Hedone Records, UK

Melodies of Nations is a project that celebrates the universal language of music and its cohesion with other branches of the arts, being under the inspiration of painting, poetry, tradition and personal lives of the artists who participate in it.

Duo Romic-Moynihan was founded in 2012 by the Serbian oboist Sanja Romic and the Irish pianist Dr. Fionnuala Moynihan. They studied together at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest and it was here that their friendship began.

Hedone Records

Production: Studio R88, Ana-Marija Vilotić
Sound engineer: Boris Bizjak, Hedone Records
Recording venue: Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, Belgrade
Recording date: 29th April - 01st May 2016
Photography: Andrej Hicil
Design: Goran Despotovski
Translation: Danka Vučković

Fionnuala Moynihan, Hedone Records
March 2017

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