Sanja has played few programmes with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra as solo oboist under my direction and on each occasion she has been indeed wonderful.
She is musically very profound and has beautiful tone which transcends the whole orchestra and inspires her colleagues...

Zubin Mehta

Az oboa szárnyaló hangja betöltötte a termet, átjárta a szíveket. És ami egyáltalán nem mellékes: a két csinos hölgy mindezt bájos mosolyok kíséretében tette. (Hol van az megírva, hogy a komolyzenét csak komor ábrázattal szabad előadni?) A műsor végén a szűnni nem akaró tapsot a művészek Piazzolla Oblivion című szerzeményének előadásával köszönték meg. Boldog lehet az a zenekar – jelen esetben a Belgrádi Filharmónia – amelynek ilyen oboistája van!

Pekár Tibor,
Magyar Szó Online

"The voluptuous and noble sound of her oboe is in some moments so intensive and exciting that it leaves a listener almost breathless. She also shows a unique sensibility in the approach to chamber and orchestral playing, as well as readiness to adapt to the style and colour of each music piece.  In addition  to her music and performing skills, she is always willing and ready to help a colleague or a conductor with an unselfish, both professional and friendly organizational advice, which is a rare quality that I was lucky to experience."

Tamara Petijević, conductor
Ensemble “Orfelin”

"I had the honour of working with Sanja on my visits as a guest conductor to the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, including at one time as one of the soloists for Haydn's Sinfonia Concertante. I found her to be not only a fine instrumentalist and sensitive musician, but also an absolute pleasure to work with on a personal level. I would be honoured to share the stage again with her at any time and any place." 

Noam Zur, artistic director and chief conductor,
International "Tino Pattiera" Opera Festival, Dubrovnik

I have no doubt that like me everyone who heard Sanja and Fionnuala perform has had their lives enriched by the experience. And I believe that anyone who is privileged to hear this dynamic duo, this coming together of musicians nurtured from the spring of ancient folk music traditions and yet also trained in the most brilliant classical and contemporary ways, will be amazed, uplifted, moved and left with a feeling of having experienced something very special. 

(On Romic- Moynihan Duo’s performance within the “Melodies of Nations” in Ireland)

Vincent Kennedy